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Artist Statement

Appropriating what reality serves to art in multicultural societies, challenging expectations to connect with the viewer, and experimenting with compositions through a provoking and vivid style are the three main principles of my work. For the last 20 years, my subject matter has ranged from expressive landscapes to semi-abstract scenes. Cultural heritage prevails over the necessity of picking a particular style of painting. 


On the formal aspect, the behavior of paint has become my focus: how it drips on the canvas once diluted or made chunkier, and what different moods can be reached with it once it hits the surface. Almost always, I find myself wondering by what means an array of colors can become a cohesive vision. Indubitably, colors are the tools to reveal myself to viewers. With every stroke, I see the vehicle to share my intersectional identities, and to unpretentiously expose the layers and the essence of my own human experience.

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